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The Best Diet Book Ever:
The Zen of Losing Weight
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“Taking the first step on your journey means it is already half accomplished.” — Zen Proverb
This book has no recipes or prescriptions for what to eat or what to avoid. It will teach you a positive way of thinking about how you approach dieting, and ultimately about how you treat yourself in all facets of life. It will show you how to use your mind in a constructive way, free from self-defeating, negative attitudes.
New diet programs get introduced every year. These systems tell you exactly what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat. Why do so many people still have trouble losing weight? And why do so many who lose weight have trouble keeping the pounds off? The number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and get fit. Sadly, it’s also the least successful!

Most people find dieting unpleasant and frustrating—a continual struggle. It’s usually the combination of a restrictive diet plan, and how people go about trying to put it into practice, that makes losing weight difficult. It doesn’t have to be that way.

This book presents an alternative that does work: The Positive Choice Model. Making positive, rewarding choices and setting small, attainable goals is more effective than the usual negative, self-punishing approach to losing weight.

This is a diet book unlike any other. It doesn’t tell you to change what you eat; it shows you how to change your state of mind and your way of living. This book doesn’t teach you how to cook your food, it teaches you how to cook your mind.

What makes this The Best Diet Book Ever is that it complements any reasonable weight-loss plan. Think of it as a meta-program that gives you the tools to put whatever plan you adopt, or create for yourself, into action with maximum effectiveness. It offers you time-tested mindful awareness techniques. It includes exercises for working with thoughts and emotions, for settling and centering your body and mind, and for changing unhelpful habits.    

No matter how good your diet plan is, if you don’t know how to work with your mind and emotions, you can’t overcome the obstacles you’ll encounter in your weight-loss journey. Stress, emotional reactivity, giving in to temptations, cravings, and peer pressure—all these triggers can make starting and sticking to a diet program very difficult.

The Best Diet Book Ever offers you a different way of looking at and experiencing the process of losing weight and keeping it off. The Positive Choice Model provides you with the proper foundation for making your next attempt at dieting a success.

The subtitle of this book is The Zen of Losing Weight. What does Zen have to do with dieting? Zen means “action with awareness,” being completely in the present moment. Zen practices broaden the mind, engendering confidence, focus, and awareness, as well as energy, stamina, and peaceful equanimity. The more you cultivate the Zen qualities of presence and awareness, the easier it will be to achieve your dieting goals.

The opening section, Taking a Different Perspective, invites you to look at the weight-loss process with an open mind, full self-acceptance, and newfound confidence.

The following section, The NINJA System®: Change Without Pain, presents a simple but powerful technique for cultivating good habits—an indispensable tool that will allow you to accomplish all of your objectives. You’ll learn the practice of Mindful Awareness, and develop a non-judgmental relationship with your own thoughts and emotions. You’ll learn how to turn your mind into an ally instead of an enemy. 

Section 3, Taking Less In, offers a comprehensive collection of practical methods that you can simply and easily introduce into your daily life. You’ll learn how to avoid the Three Too’s: eating too much, too fast, for too long. You’ll be able to replace them with the Three S’s: eating smaller portions, more slowly, and stopping earlier.

Section 4, Challenges to Taking Less In: Watch Your S.T.E.P., deals with the obstacles everyone faces in keeping the discipline of a dieting program. You’ll get helpful suggestions for handling Stress, Temptations, Emotions, and Personality issues. You’ll learn methods that will support you in navigating the ups and downs that accompany the weight-loss journey.

Section 5, Burning More Up, explains the importance of balancing diet and exercise, and provides profound yet simple methods for improving your exercise habits.

The Best Diet Book Ever concludes with guidelines for the long-term maintenance of your weight-loss program to help you in Keeping On Track, In Dieting and In Life. This stage often proves to be even more difficult than dropping the weight in the first place. In the last few chapters you’ll learn how you can apply the principles and practices from this book to all aspects of your everyday life.

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