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The Flow Method: 40 Days to Life Transformation
(Outskirts Press)

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How can you gain control over your life and your happiness?   
The Flow Method: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation by Tara Meyer-Robson has been changing people’s lives around the world, and gaining the attention of international academic and psychological communities. 
The process within The Flow Method helps people “retune” their lives. This retuning is based on the analogy of the mind being like a radio that tunes into frequencies when it’s set to certain stations. Your mind is the radio; it's always connected to a range of frequencies of everything in the universe. Your unconscious beliefs are like the programmed favorites on your radio - they are constantly scanning life and seeking experiences that match your programming.  
But, it's easier to reprogram the favorites on your radio than it is in your mind.  
So how does this work? 
You have to identify the old frequencies you’re tuning into and reprogram these stations specifically to totally shift to the life you want, so you stop attracting the life you don't. This process of ‘retuning’ helps people realize and make unique connections between patterns in life, between mental/emotional states, and any disease or pain they may be experiencing. It’s a personalized process that helps people realize that they do have control over their own lives and health. 
The Flow Method focuses on 5 key areas: 

  1. Awareness: The revolutionary Flow Factor Test pinpoints the unconscious beliefs “tuning” you into negative patterns, disease and pain.  
  2. Empowerment: This book gives you the “how” to life transformation. The means to achieving health and pain release; it’s a system that can be used again and again to transform a person’s life by applying the method.   
  3. Health and Wellbeing: Pinpoint the underlying issues and “Retune Stations” to shift pain and disease into health and happiness.   
  4. Freedom: ‘Giving up the struggle’ is central to The Flow Method. Realizing a life that’s unburdened and filled with possibilities, not obstacles, is the foundation of The Flow Method.   
  5. Control and Achievement: Empower you to realize they are in control of your mind, body, health and life and can fine-tune the process to design and live a life of health, happiness and what is truly desired.

How do disease, pain and excess weight develop? Underlying beliefs are tied to all of these. 
It’s a straightforward process: 

  1. Underlying beliefs get tuned into negativity in a few of your 7 Stations. (i.e. groups in your life, relationships, self worth etc.) 
  2. Consequently, you tune into negative experiences corresponding to that Station (or Stations) energy.
  3. These negative experiences are emotionally upsetting. You may not deal with these emotions fully or at all.
  4. Your body then reacts to out-of-the-flow experiences and emotional wounds through fairly literal manifestations, often creating disease, pain, or weight that is a specific match to what's going on in your life that is so emotionally upsetting.
  5. The key is that whatever Station has underlying problem beliefs will be the one that causes you to tune into a certain kind of experience and diseases or issues in only certain areas of the body governed by that Station. 

The Flow Method works in 4 steps: 

  1. Take The Flow Factor Test to identify which of the 7 Stations - or areas of your     mind, body, and life - you are programmed with problem beliefs.   
  2. Focus on the specific Stations and get exact retuning statements to precisely     rewrite the underlying programming that's running in your mind.  
  3. Take the Reality Type Test to figure out how you learn best (this is how you     rewrite your mind's programming in the easiest manner possible).   
  4. Create an action plan that is totally individualized to reprogram the areas that     you wish to change, in the ways that work best for you.  

This is never a one-size-fits-all method. The entire process is totally personalized to the reader. There is no wasted time or frustrating exercises that don’t work, because it’s designed based around the reader’s personal stations and their health and life patterns.  
By taking the groundbreaking Flow Factor Test, you will pinpoint your most “outof-the-Flow” Stations, allowing you to retune your problem areas first. You’ll have “aha!” moments as you finally zero in on the solutions, as you move away from the old stations you’ve tuned into. 
Then, you’ll be directed through the process of designing a 40-Day Retuning Plan around your personal strengths and learning style. By doing simple exercises that work for your mind individually, you will be amazed as your mind, body, and life tune in to your true desires. 
Tara Meyer-Robson turned her desire to heal chronic fatigue syndrome into discovery of the real connection between experiences, belief patterns and disease. This discovery became her internationally published book, The Flow: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation.


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